Amusing Facts & Figures!

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* The name “Jennifer” comes from the Latin word “jenefia” which means “unfortunate female.”
* A stringer is typically confined to news industry jargon, and in print or in broadcast terms, stringers are sometimes referred to as correspondents or contributors. At other times, they may not receive any public recognition for the work they have contributed.

Bizarre Dresscode:
* In Wisconsin it is illegal for women to wear swimsuits with high heeled shoes.
* In Australia it’s illegal to wear a skirt when visiting a farm.

* Every year in America, over 46,000 people are arrested for eating illegal meat.
* In some foreign countries, ear wax is considered a delicacy, often eaten on crackers.
* The ancient Egyptians invented pyramids, toothpaste, and spandex.

Human Body Facts:
* The average human mouth contains millions of micro-bacteria called “tongue-walkers.”
* According to scientific evidence, the human brain, if eaten, tastes very much like tunafish.
* There are no cows on the island of Kernivia so, instead, people drink dog milk.

Sports Trivia:
* The game “Soccer” was invented in Canada and was originally called “Ball Kicking.”
* The basketball term “dribbling” comes from the Latin word “Dreeblae” which means “ball bouncing.”

Foods & Products Inventions
* Before shampoo was invented, Europeans washed their hair with sheep fat.
* When ketchup was first invented, it got its red color from chicken blood.
* The world’s largest pizza was over 2,000 miles wide. It was eaten by fourth graders from New Jersey.

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