Cool Funny Sms

Modern Definitions
SCHOOL: A place where Papa Pays & Son Plays.
LIFE INSURANCE: A contract that keeps U Poor all Ur Life, so that U can Die Rich.
MARRIAGE: An Agreement in which a Man Looses his Bachelors Degree & a Woman gains her Masters.
DICTIONAY: A Place where Success comes before Work.
SMILE: A Curve that can set a […]

facts to live better life
FOUR FACTS to live better life ;
1ST: Never say sorry to the one , who LIKES you.
2ND: Never say Bye to the one , who NEEDS you.
3RD: Never Blame the one , who really TRUSTS you.
4TH: Never forget the one , who always REMEMBERS you

Forget Lovable Conversation
A Single Harsh Word Spoken
At The Time Of Anger Is So Poisonous
That It Makes Us To forget The
100 Lovable Conversations Within Seconds.

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