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Kissing is the simplest and yet most exciting expression of love! The magic of kissing lies in that it can be a kiss between friends, parents, siblings, lovers, dates, and of course soul mates. The kiss can be a simple peck or a passionate smooch - it's still a kiss! From the first kiss to the nth a kiss is not just a kiss... With more kisses to choose from isn't it time you got started!?

#101 - Tarzan & Jane Kiss
Make it jungle night at your place. Put all the plants in one room. Serve fruits, nuts and berries, and wear jungle attire. Hang rope for vines. Speak monosyllabically, and tell your Tarzan or Jane, "Me want kiss now."

#102 - Swing Kiss
Find a swing and seat your love in it. Every time your love swings near you try for kiss.

#103 - Network Kiss
Is your love a subscriber to one of the personal computer networks? If so, send him or kisses through the electronic mail function. If not, just post a note for all to read espousing your love's puckering prowess.

#104 - Pocket Kiss
Buy a bag of chocolate kisses. Go through your love's closet and place a chocolate kiss in every pocket you can find.

#105 - Variety Pack Kisses
Buy one of those cereal variety packs, put your own labels on each box, and have it waiting at your love's breakfast table. Name ideas could be Sugar Frosted Lips, Corn Smacks, Rice Hickeys.
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