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01. Say it by telephone
Find out the number of a public telephone booth, then secretly dial that number from your mobile as you walk past it with your lover. Suggest that he/she answer the call, then tell him/her your message.

02. Say it at a restaurant
Make sure you go somewhere that serves alphabet noodles.

03. Say it with a paper plane
Write your message on a piece of paper, fold it into a paper plane, and throw it across the room to your lover.

04. Say it with a kiss
But don't say it with your mouth full - better still "send a kiss ecard"

05. Say it in Italian
Using your hands to make the appropriate gestures.

06. Say it in reverse
Post a "thinkyou" dedication declaring your love. Tell your lover about a mysterious dedication to yourself. Out of curiosity your lover will look up the dedication only to find the dedication is to her/him.

07. Say it in picture-message
While taking a shower, take a snap of yourself with the built in camera of your new cellphone (mobile) and send it as picture-message to your love's mobile.

08. Say it with action
Tell your lover you love him/her this much. Then stretch out your arms as far as possible. But don't do it in a tight area.

09. Say it out of the blue
Send your love a virtual thinking-of-you blue rose with the message, "Out of the blue, I'm in love with you."

10. Say it with money
Write out a cheque for $1 million in your loves name. Then tear it up, put it in an envelope with a message, "I was going to send you $1 million, until I realized money can't buy love."

11. Say it when you have forgotten to say it
When you and your love are relaxing suddenly pretend you forgot to do something very important that day. Act as if you're very concerned because it was an important omission. When she/he insist on knowing what you forgot you say, "I forgot to tell you I love you."

12. Say it in the nude
Spend an evening naked together, then confirm that despite the way he/she look you still love him/her.

11. Say it a pair of handkerchiefs
Exchange handkerchiefs, monogrammed with both of your initials and scented with your favorite perfumes, and tell your best-loved one, "Now we each have something to carry with us that will remind us of each other all day long."

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