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Award winning actor from last year, the versatile Sanjay Dutt, returns in the role that suits him best - action man! Still From Kurukshetra
After a debacle comedy performance in Chal Mere Bhai, and not so worthy efforts for Baaghi and Jung, we now see him go one step ahead in becoming a truly committed actor.

The winning combination of Sanjay Dutt and Director Mahesh Manjraker, for whose film (Vaastav) Sanjay won many Best Actor accolades, come together once again in Kurukshetra.

This movie is all about the corrupted system, all the people that are affected by it, and how one honest cop fights it.

The day he takes charge in Mumbai city, he destroys the unlawful business of Iqbal Pasina (Mukesh Rishi). Iqbal Pasina hates him initially, but starts respecting him later.

Prithvi Raj Singh, his wife Anjali (Mahima Chaudhary) and sister Aarti are leading a content life. Aarti is in love with Sub-Inspector Avinash (Salil Ankola). However, Anjali is sad because she has lost 'Prithvi' to the uniform.

One day, Chief Minister Babu Rao Deshmukh's (Om Puri) son, Ambar, and his friend, Rohit, trap a girl, Gita, in a hotel room and rape her. This brutal incident culminates into a battle.

The battle is fought between Chief Minister Babu Rao Deshmukh and D.S.P. Prithvi Raj Singh. The Chief Minister has money, power and government infrastructure, while Prithvi Raj Singh has the support of his family, opposition leader Sambhaji Yadav (Shivaji Satam) and Iqbal Pasina.

Sanjay plays the protagonist, an Indian police officer, who attempts to fight this wrongful system.

During this process, his dutiful wife (played by Mahima Chaudary), is also affected by what her husband is going through.
She represents a person who goads the protagonists to let the system be.

Manjrekar may have opted for an oft-repeated subject, but the strength lies in the fact that the film keeps you engrossed from the word 'go'. The director has come up with situations that can easily be identified by the common man, more so in today's crisis-ridden times where corruption rules the roost and the influential call the shots.

KURUKSHETRA showcases Manjrekar's abilities in subjects that require intensity. The film has quite a few scenes that prove that the director knows his job well.

* The scene in the police station when Om Puri confronts Sanjay Dutt, soon after his son has been arrested;
* Mahima confronting Sanjay after receiving threatening calls;
* All scenes between Sanjay and Mukesh Rishi.

The dialogues by K.K. Singh are hard-hitting and true to life. There are instances of scenes getting elevated due to the power packed lines penned by this gifted writer. Himesh Reshammiya's music is quite okay. Though the songs are situation-oriented, at least two numbers stand out 'Aapka Aana' and 'Ghagra'. Cinematography is effective. Action scenes are well executed, although there is an overdose of blood spilling at places.

Kurukshetra is a true to life movie, very real and honest, and a must see at the box office!

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