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Charlize Theron
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Body Art - Tattoo Designs

Butterfly Tattoo Designs
Typically feminine, the butterfly tattoo designs symbolize renewed life. Literally thousands of designs are available for the butterfly tattoos. The tattoo artist is given the freedom to experiment with thousands of colors to create the wings for the beautiful creature, on the tattoo. Butterfly tattoo designs can be created on almost any body part, mainly including shoulder blades, lower back, arms, chest and ankle.

Celtic Tattoo Designs
Celtic tattoo designs are inspired from the Celts, who covered many parts of Europe in the ancient times. Celtic tattoo typically includes Celtic Cross, Celtic Knots and Celtic Trinity Knots. The body art can be created on armbands, lower back, ankles, shoulders, upper back area. They are mostly used to convey inner feelings of the heart, instead of representing a tangible object.

Cross Tattoo Designs
Cross tattoo designs are available in both religious and non-religious types, the former being the most popular one. The religious cross tattoo designs include the Latin Cross, Celtic Cross, St. Andrew's Cross, while the non-religious ones consist of Ankh, Gothic and Tau Cross. The tattoo design, mainly the religious ones, is socially acceptable and can be created in almost any size and color.

Dragon Tattoo Designs
Dragon tattoo designs are inspired by one of the most aggressive characters in the folklore - dragons. You can find a wide variety of design for this tattoo art. Dragon tattoo designs are different in different countries. For instance, the designs found in China are different from Japan, which are in turn different from those found in the eastern and western countries.

Fairy Tattoo Designs
Fairy tattoo designs are commonly opted by women, because of the mere theme. There are a number of variations for this type of design, which predominantly includes Tinkerbell fairy, flower n fairy, butterfly fairy, heavenly fairy, tribal fairy and naughty fairy. This design can be created in different colors ranging from ranging from red, yellow, orange, purple, green, blue to black and white.

Tribal Tattoo Designs
Tribal tattoo design, as the name suggests, is native to the tribal people living in different parts of the world, mainly Ireland, New Zealand, Scotland, North America, African and Borneo. The tattoo art is different for different regions. Creating the tribal tattoo design is a nice way to relate to the mysterious rituals prevalent in the tribes as well as exude a bold style statement.

Zodiac Tattoo Designs
Zodiac tattoo designs, as the name suggests, represent different zodiac signs. They can be created in a wide variety of sizes, keeping the shapes as the same, because you cannot bring much variation in the image. Out of all the zodiac designs, the Celtic ones are popular. You can bring in variations to the design by combining it with flowers, hearts, skulls, crosses, fairies/fairy, suns, moons and stars.

Submitted by Anushkha (23), Body Fashion Times

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