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Fukkad.com Submission Guidelines

The following document provides guidelines for artist submissions and writers who wish to contribute to Fukkad.com. (Scroll down to see Writer's Guidelines.)

Artist Submissions

If you are an artist, musician, writer, poet, model, fashion designer, or photographer, you can submit work of yourself to be featured in the Fukkad.com Showcase. While we do not pay for Showcase features, being featured in the Fukkad Showcase is a great way to get exposure for your work. We are looking for:

* quality artwork, writing (fiction/non-fiction), poetry, music, photography, drawings, new media art, etc.

* interesting stories and perspectives of men or women who have overcome obstacles or achieved interesting things in their chosen field.

If you want to submit your art, writing, poetry, drawings or photographs to be featured:

1. Email submission@fukkad.com.

2. DO NOT SEND AN ATTACHMENT. Attachments cause the spread of computer viruses.

3. If sending text, send it by cutting and pasting it into the BODY of the email.

4. If submitting art, photography, music, etc., please include a URL to a page with the chosen art on it. DO NOT EMAIL THE FILES TO US.

5. Alternatively, you can snail mail materials to our content provider's office:
Shurbhi Networks
P-13, CIT Road Scheme VI-M-S
Kolkata, 700054 (India)

6. We review books and CDs for our Library area. These can also be sent to the above address.

7. Please make sure to include in ALL submissions: Your name or alias as you would like to be credited. A public email address (or mailing address) if you want people to reach you. URL to your website. A short one or two-sentence bio to include with your work.

8. Materials will not be returned.

We regret that we cannot respond to all submissions. We encourage you, however, to submit again if you do not hear from us, or try sending a different work. Our reasons for highlighting various artists has everything to do with providing variety and quality on the site, and a rejection may not necessarily mean your piece was bad, but it was perhaps not a good match for our site at this time.

We rely on the input of artists such as yourself to make Fukkad.com a great site. Thank you for contributing!

Writer's Guidelines

Fukkad.com is accepting submissions from writers on the following topics:

* "How to" articles that show step-by-step instructions on how to create an art project or fun craft.

* First-person essays.

* Articles about artists, such as an interview or biography of a male/female musician.

* Interesting, ORIGINAL exercises for artists, such as a great writing exercise you invented that others might find useful.

Please check out the site for existing content and you'll get a general idea of what we're looking for. Sorry, we can't pay at this time. However, if you include a bio and a link, we will provide a hot link to your website that might be good promotion for you. All writers retain copyright on articles (and can reprint articles elsewhere) but give Fukkad.com permission to publish articles on the site indefinitely.

Send submissions to: submission@fukkad.com. DO NOT SEND YOUR ARTICLE VIA AN ATTACHMENT DUE TO COMPUTER VIRUSES. Send the article in the body of the email using your cut and paste function. Include your name (how you would like to be credited), an email address, and a bio to put at the end of your article.

Note: Due to the large volume of emails received by us, its not possible to respnd to all submissions.

Thank you!

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