Insurance Sms Jokes

1. While returning from my office I drove on the wrong side of the road and collided in the tree but I could not find the tree.
2. At the time of the accident I was talking to jerry but my boss said he does not have a cell phone.
3. I thought the radio was on when I was tuning the channel.
4. At the time of accident I tried to warn the other car but I do not know why it didn’t pick my message.
5. I tried to jump off the car but did not realize the door was locked.
6. I bumped into a stationary car just to check if the person was fine, but I could just hear the sound of ‘Jesus’, I wonder what he meant to say.
7. When I knew I was going to collide I searched for my dog then I saw the window was open.
8. A truck came to hit me but I could not start the car, I knew my son had stuffed his carrot in the silencer.
9. A hit a guy standing in the middle of the road, I hate irresponsible citizens but then I found out it was a traffic police.
10. I could see clearly so I was cleaning my glasses and saw a figure on the road but was not clear to me, I then found out it was my aunt.
11. My shirt got stuck in a car’s door. I tried to stop the car with my legs.
12. I fell asleep while driving; my car fell a bump I wished it was my

insurance agent.
13. I saw a van driving over people and lawn but the person was good as his van stated “tell me how I drive”. ???
14. I have insurance on my car but my agent was furious when I asked him for inurning my cigar against fire!!!
15. When my boss asked if I could drive his car? I replied, “I have 35 years of experience”. I meant to say in data entry.
16. When I collided I was glared by the other person’s headlights, but my insurance agent told me that it was day time.

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