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The highway patrolman spotted a car driving dangerously slow in the much-traveled freeway. He pulled it over and found the driver to be an elderly lady with four other elderly women as passengers.

"Lady," said the officer, "your slow driving is almost as dangerous as the speeders. You need to try to keep up to the speed limit."

"But I always drive the speed limit," replied the lady. "I was doing just that when you stopped me."

The officer asked, "What do you think the limit is on this road?"

The dear old lady said, "I just a moment ago saw the sign, U.S. Highway 22."

"But lady," warned the officer, "that is the highway *number*, not the speed limit."

The lady was very sorry and, of course, no ticket was goven. The officer then noticed that all the passengers seemed pale and looked terrified. As he turned to leave her car, wondering if his presence had frightened them, he turned again and asked the lady, "Ma'am, are you sure all of your passengers are OK?"

"Oh, they'll be fine in a few moments, "she said, "we just turned off off Highway 120."

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