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social bar - dog tail

Social Networking Humor

If you have no idea what your dog is saying when texting or social networking then here is a guide for you:

BOL: Barking Out Loud
FLD: For the love of Dog
FOBL: Falling off my bed laughing
HAW: humans are watching
IMFO: In my furry opinion

LMTO: Laughing my tail off
LSDL: Let sleeping dogs lie
MBDT: Must be dinner time
OMD: Oh my dog
OMDT: Over my dead toy
ROFB: Rolling on the floor barking
ROFLMTO: Rolling on the floor laughing my tail off
TTP: Talk to the paw  (from the intertubes)

Note: If you don’t laugh for guys, it crawls back inside mouth and spreads your gut for hips for ladies.

Sorry.  Am I too late???

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