Valentine's Day Paper Greeting Card, February 15
Holiday Specials! Free Postal Paper Valentine Greeting Card

Here is an exciting offering from us at in association with our sponsors. With Festivals and Holidays round the corner, we introduce Free Paper Greetings Card with postage paid service to show our gratitude towards our site users who have spurred us to what we are today. Any user residing in any part of the Globe may send free paper greeting cards to their loved ones in India, who may not be regular or do not have access to the internet. And what's more, postal charges and greeting card cost recovered through sponsors products & services mailers, its absolutely free!

All you have to do is to select a card, fill up the form below and Fukkad Greetings Team in association with the available advertisers shall post a good quality paper greeting card free of charge to your friend! *

Christmas X-Mas paper greeting card New Year paper greeting card Valentine Rose Poem paper greeting card

Please fill in the mailing information and Greetings message in the relevant boxes.
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* To send cyber greeting cards by e-mail please goto Shurbhi! Greetings
* Free paper greeting cards are sent Subject to availability of Sponsor(s).

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