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Tari Yaad Aave Chhe
scroll karu mari juni yado ne
hyperlink thai ne tu same ave chhe.

ek ek minute tari yad ave chhe
screen saver ni jem tu same ave chhe

Besu chhu kam karva
minimize karu chhu mari badhha window ne
Desktop ni jem tu same ave chhe

delete karu chhu a yado ni file ne
pan thodi thodi vare a recyclebin mathi pachhi ave chhe.

shutdown karu chhu mari system
to pan shutdown message ma tu ave chhe.

scan karu chhu mari harddisk ne
virus bani ne tu same ave chhe

dial karu chhu isp ne
connection lai ne tu ave chhe

disconnect thai maru connection
reconnect thai tari yad pachhi ave chhe

open karu chhu mara network neighborhood ne
entire network ma khali tuj ave chhe

start karu chhu mara computer ne
to taskbar ma system date ane time bani ave chhe

off karva jau chhu system date ne
to pan taskbar property ma tuj ave chhe.

ghare thi aavu chhu office to
My briefcase ma tu sathe ave chhe.

kholu chhu a yado ni site ne
to home page ni jem tu same ave chhe

banavi rahyo chhu webastrologer.com
darek kundali ma tu nazar ave chhe

ave chhe error mara programme ma
MSDN Help bani tu ave chhe

compile karu chhu javana programme ne
classpath check kari tu ave chhe

joi a chhe mari system ne power
power code bani tu ave chhe

betho chhu site banavva
domain name bani tu same ave

store karava mangu chhu kaik
Database bani tu ave chhe

select karva mangu chhu
mouse pointer bani tu ave chhe

vicharu chho bijukai jova
najar udi ne tari taraf ave chhe

gherayelo chhu computer processing ma
taskmanager ni rite tu same ave chhe

connection maltu nathi
to pan offline tari yad ave chhe

chalu karu chhu mara monitor ne
256 color ma tu same ave chhe

vichar karu chhu ghani var
su tane pan mari yad ave chhe?.

aavto nathi taro javab to vicharu chhu ke
su kam mane tari aatli badhi yad ave chhe.

check karu chhu mara inbox ne
tara sivay badha na email ave chhe.

jo ave taro email to
to hash manu ke koi ne to mari yad ave chhe.

suki padi gai chhe a yado
Tame malo to taji kari shakay chhe

samji shaku chhu a fast life ne
yad taji karva mate to ek email pan bahu ganay chhe.

jo ave taro reply to
to samju tane mari yad ave chhe
nahi to bijani jem tu pan bhuli jay chhe....

Poetry by : 'PrinceAmerica'
Gujrati Poem Submitted by 'PrinceAmerica' (), USA

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