Scary Facts about Ghosts

Scary Facts about Ghosts

1 – when you smell fire, but there is nothing causing it,
it means there are a lot of ghosts in the room.

2 – if you are putting ear plugs listening to music, and you hear someone calling you or the door knocking,
there is no one calling, it’s the ghost informing you of his/her presence.

3 – if you hear someone walking on the roof,
it means he is coming for you, be aware.

4 – if you are in the shower, and you feel someone looking at you,
you are not imagining, bathroom are the home of devils and ghosts.

5 – if you are walking and you feel someone behind you,
it’s a ghost looking at you.
the human being can feel, the presence of ghosts.

6 – if you are in bed and you feel itchy in your legs or someone in front of your face,
that’s a ghost passing through you.

7 – if you were talking and something moves or falls, it’s not an accident,
it’s because when ghosts gets annoyed they do it.

Hope you have a goodnight sleep. :p

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