Sunday, March 1

Divine Right

Judy entered the church.
"You can't come in here dressed like that!" exclaimed the priest.
She said, "But I have divine right!"
He said, "you have divine left too! But you can't come in that dress"

Tuesday, February 25

Behind Every Successful Man...

Increase the Number
Side-effects guaranteed 

Friday, February 21

Young Biker's Dilemma ;-)

To grow up or to be a biker!

Wisdom of Exotic Movies' Dress-code

When exotic movie stars take off their clothes they are are actually getting dressed for work!

Wisdom will kill me someday.

Wednesday, February 19

Definition of Laziness

Definition of Laziness: 
It's the art of taking rest before you get tired. because....

Tuesday, February 18

A Translation Guide to Asset Manager-speak

We are not in crowded positions - we missed all the best-performing stocks.

We are not correlated - 

Monday, February 17

What is GF?

Classroom Answers ...

First Bencher: Gravitational Force

Middle Bencher: Girlfriend

Back Bencher: GoldFlake

Robert Mugabe on Alcohol

"If you can't dance when drunk,
At least speak English or promise people jobs.
Don't waste alcohol"