Tuesday, January 12

Presidential Twitterati

Who got kicked out by Twitter!?

Saturday, January 9

Data Leaked

Your data leaked by social media platform, 
But then you realiZe your data is as worthless aa you are!!

Privacy Policy Changed

We have updated our privacy policy.
#facebook #whatsapp #google

Friday, January 8

Tuesday, January 5

iPhone 6+

Woman Twitteratti on Men and men run companies. 

Wednesday, December 30


Your doormat says it all.
' Home is where The Pants Aren't '

Tuesday, December 29

Attractive Tribe - Belly Beautiful

In the Odi tribe, Ethipoia, the most Desirable men are those with the largest Bellies.
(Think you were born in the tribe?)

Browsing Christmas Gifts

Daddy's computer browsing history can get you any Gifts you want!!