Silly Statements from Facebook Profiles

Facebook and other social communication media are kinds of place to make silly statements! But who cares? Beware! Recruiters are watching!

* “This is my graduation picture. I completed a four-year program on time while working full time.”

* “This is one of my favorite professors. I took ABC from him (where ABC is a subject area relevant to the job).”

* “This is a photo essay of when I traveled throughout China. I was totally blown away by the entrepreneurial spirit of the Chinese, and I made many friendships that will help me in your position.”

* “Here’s when my hockey/soccer/basketball/whatever team won the championship. I learned so much about hard work, discipline, and team play because of sports.”

* “Here’s a bunch of my friends hanging out with me (this picture should contain people of multiple genders, ethnicities, religions, and sexual orientations) right before we went on a mission to build schools in Guatemala.”

* “This is the day that I got my iPhone/iTablet/iWhatever—I have to admit that I’m an early-adopter of technology.” Even better: “This is a picture of how I use what this company makes.”

* “Here’s when I went to Demo/TechCrunch50/World Economic Forum/G8/whatever in order to learn about what’s happening in the industry.”

* “This is the tweetup/meetup/faceup/whatever that I coordinated to help people network better.”

* “Here’s where I volunteered to work at SXSW so that I could attend all the sessions for free. This is the most amazing conference—have you ever been to it?”

* “Here’s when I met Robert Scoble/Mike Arrington/Charlene Li/Jeremiah Owyang/Chris Anderson/Steve Rubel/Ariana Huffington/Steve Ballmer/Steve Jobs/GRAMEEMBANK/David Pogue/Walt Mossberg/whoever.”

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