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Allie Summers.

From the Journal of Allie Summers:September 15, 2002. 10:15P.M.- Every night I would come home with the same thought in my head ďAre my friends mad at me today?Ē Even though I sometimes love my friends, Iím still human and Iím not perfect. I may not be perfect but I will always be myself if that makes them mad then so what. I hate them more often then I love them anyway. Lots of HATE- Allie.

Allie Summers put down her journal and turned off her bedside lamp. Lying there bathed in darkness, Allie peered at the glowing stars on her ceiling through her one un-swollen eye. She wasnít going to get any sleep this way at all, so she sat back up and grabbed her journal. Thumbing through the pages filled with her own neat, precise handwriting Allie read back to her first day at her new school. Smirking slightly, she read her entry aloud

September 3, 2001. 4:08P.M.- I hate my new school and everyone in it. I watch them lie and fight with each other and Iím strangely uncaring. Donít get me wrong, I knew Iíd be an outcast from the day mom told me we were moving, still I thought that I would at least fit in with one person. ďThis may not be California but living in North Dakota canít be to bad.Ē My momís quote of the year. To bad she didnít know how wrong she was. This was California all over again. The same popular girls that nobody liked, the guy you got up for every morning, and the cliques of jocks, brains, and Goths that no high school would be complete without. But to be fair, I canít exactly say that I was to friendly. My black wardrobe scared them straight off, I just reinforced their belief that I was evil. It wasnít difficult. I hope momís not to mad about the principal calling her at work on the first dayÖ I hate it here- Allie.

Allie flipped several pages, chuckling the whole time. Finally she settled on a page filled with electric blue ink. Again she read aloud: From the journal of Allie Summers: October 1, 2001. 11:25A.M.- Well mother is pissed. Iím suspended for five days because some kids donít like me. My hands are swollen and my nose is still bleeding, signs of where I showed them I didnít really care what they thought of me at all. Rumor has it Candice Taylor needs a nose brace. What a pity. On the brighter side, I made quite a few friends in my time here. In fact, two of them are sharing my suspension with me. I told them not to get involved. -Allie. Allie was overcome with a fit of laughter. She skimmed the rest and kept flipping.

From the journal of Allie Summers: December 12, 2001. 9:08P.M.- Todayís my birthday, I wore yellow. No one will ever look at me the same again. I just donít get that. ItĎs only yellow. I did have a pretty good day though. I was pretty upset over my dad not being there but itís not like he can call from beyond the grave. That would be to scary anyhow. I did shed tears though, which made me upset so I cried more, which made me even MORE upset. It was a vicious cycle. Luckily my friends were there to help me. No one teased me for my tears (I think Kelly had a lot to do with that.) And I left the school smiling. We had a huge party in the gym of the old school and I took the gifts Iíd requested home. Oh well, mom says time for bed. Much love- Allie.

Allie blinked, smiling serenely. From the journal of Allie Summers: May 30, 2002. 4:20P.M.- The last day finally rolled around. Somehow it ended up just like the first. I had 100 friends some days, 10 friends the next, and sometimes only one. Today, I had three. I came in my trademark black clothes and people whispered about me and the guy Iím seeing. Another day in paradise. I guess it really doesnít matter, my friends will be over whateverís bothering them in a week and life will go on. And those three who stuck with me always, including that last day will have a good laugh about it. Much love. I think. -Allie Allie was crying now, tears streaming down her nose, off her tipped down face onto her journal. She sniffled slightly and turned another page. From the journal of Allie Summers: September 13, 2002. 7:38A.M.- I canít sleep. Havenít slept all night. Me and 6 friends saw Jeepers Creepers today and there will be no sleep tonight at all, if ever again. Looking back on this whole summer, I have to appreciate my friends. They were always there for me, good times and bad. Always loaning me money and jumping in to help me fight. Today Danny Smith punched me in the eye. It hurt. The first thing Tony and Vicky did, was jump in and help me fight him and his friends. Thatís why I love my friends. We sure did have a killer argument afterwards though. We seem to do that a lot lately. But even if theyíre mad at me, Iíll always love them all. -Allie

Allie opened her journal to a fresh page and picked up her favorite black pen. From the journal of Allie Summers: September 15, 2002. 11:30 P.M.- I changed my mind. I love my friends, all of them all the time. Theyíre so nice to me and they always look out for me. I think itís about time I make the effort to be a lot nicer to them, something I should have done a long time ago. Iíll tell them I love them and itíll be off my shoulders. Then the world will be right. Again. Lotís of LOVE- Allie Summers.

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