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Aqua’s Arrow Legend of a Teen hero’s journey

This is the story of Julian Mac bee the third he was abandoned as A baby and left to die. He was found by a couple named Russell and Cassandra Mac bee, they were African just as he was so he didn’t know any difference. at age 15 his mother told him the truth, he took the news very hard. He began to get in trouble at school in his Alabama home town of Peterman some even say he joined a gang , one day when he and his friends(the gang)went to a factor to set it own fire the cops came. They all shot there guns as they retreated, but when they shot a barrel of waste, it exploded leaking a poison that got him.

He woke up days later in the hospital this shook him up. He gave up his bad life for a new life , to get away the government sent him to live with a family in Chicago, Illinois. But unknown to him the gang was going to stop at nothing to get him.

'Time to get to school' screamed Illimani she gave Julian his lunch as he walked out the apartment. Illimani took care of Julian as her own she even washed his long black hair and lotion his black delicate skin. She had one daughter named Sophia, she was a Spanish African 1year-old, and her father died after she was born in a car wreck left Illimani a single mother. With the money Russell sent Julian she was more secure, but still worked at the nursing home so Julian cared for little Sophia. She had a pale face and a scrawny but tall body with long black hair Julian went down where the bus came he met a friend of his from his first day in Chicago, Sabrina Bullard was about 5,11 two inches shorter than Julian. Good morning Sabrina she said stretching her arms yawning, hello he said Grouching at his hair taking it out of the ponytail. You need a haircut she said, as he was about to retaliate the bus came rolling down the street and came to a screeching halt they clambered onto the bus grabbing the second seat at the front. Sabrina really liked Julian but wasn’t sure if he liked her. The bus ride was long and very boring, it had been 3 months since he left the south and came to the north, things are different but he will learn to adapt. As the bus came to a stop everyone trammeled of the bus but he stayed, hey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get up yelled Sabrina to get him back focused he apologized grabbed his backpack and ran off the bus Sabrina had felt that she had insulted him so she chased after him but he was gone . Julian ran to the the classroom and sot down he had plenty of time he pondered as his head began to hurt, it began to hurt like a mad man he suddenly felt his hands began o moisten he then looked at his hand and it tuned o clear water. He began to freak out but suddenly as someone walked in his hand turned back into flesh and blood. He then began to wonder what’s was happening to him the day sped by. he had avoided everybody who came near him when when he boarded the bus he was glad that he had only one week left in school. When he sat down Sabrina sot next to him Julian I’m sorry I yelled at you she said don’t be mad, she said. I’m not he said rubbing his head hey can I come over said Sabrina sure he said Illimani out working so I’ll be baby sitting.

As they got off the bus they walked up to the apartment and entered, Sophia was laying in her crib in the floor they sot on the the couch he instantly put it BET (BLACK ENTERTAINMENT TELEVISION) he felt good he felt like dancing as Sabrina for her hand they got up and started dancing to the rapper soulja boy song crank that they began to dance close as they began to get tired. Sabrina tiptoed and kissed him on the lips they began a lip lock when suddenly he got a headache.

He fell to the floor and began to scream then suddenly Sophia began to cry Sabrina got on the floor to calm him down, he had a flashback of the factory he remembered the smoke it must have done it to him he then began to turn to water he then rose up an then he was a full mass of water he then felt better his hold body was made of water even his clothes he pondered then he said hush Sophia stopped crying and started sucking her thumb he looked at a scared Sabrina and then he closed his eyes and he turned into himself into flesh and blood. What’s happening to you yelched Sabrina. He explained as slowly and as rationally as possible. So this why you moved up here he, quickly changed the subject and grabbed her and kissed her, her legs turned to jelly as she fell to the couch.

Submitted by Copyright © 2007 Lakendrick D.Richardson (),

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Nothing found for Story Aqua Arrow Legend Teen Hero Shtml

Ooops - Not Found

Page you looking for may have moved. You may use the search box above.

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