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The King of the Elves - part 2
She hadnít got far before she heard a weak voice behind her.
"Jamie" the voice said weakly.
She turned around and saw Dymus smiling up at her. She quickly ran back to him and knelt down beside him.
"Youíre alive!" she exclaimed, "But how?"
"Your kiss brought life back into me." he said weakly, but was still smiling.
The bodyguards brought over a stretcher and they gently liften Dymus on to it. They carried him on the stretcher down the hallto the bedroom. Then they layed him down on the bed and Jamie came in with wash cloths and a pale of water. She gently unbuttoned his shirt and was shock to find that he had been shot in the chest. Tears came down her face again as she got the cloths wet in the water and then gently started cleaning him up.

The next morning Jamie woke up on the chair next to the bed. She looked over at Dymus who was staring at her smiling.
"Did you sleep well?" she asked him.
"No, not really. Iím in too much pain to sleep." he replied.
He saw a tear roll down her cheek.
"Donít be sad." he said, "I need you to be happy."
Jamie gave him a faint smile then wipes away the tear.
"Why did they want you dead?" she asked.
"Because a few years ago when their father had gone on a murder spree I had no choice, but to kill him. Then ever since theyíve been giving me death threats.
"Well theyíre dead now." Jamie said, "I sent your bodyguards after them as soon as I got back to the castle."
"They were a little late." Dymus said.
"I know, but they tried to save you." Jamie said.
"Yeah thatís true." Dymus said, "Jamie I need you to take over until I heal. Is that ok with you?"
"Sure, Iíll do anything for you." Jamie replied.
He smiled at her then she got up from the chair and walked over the bed and kissed him on the lips.
"I love you so much." she said, "I donít think I could live with myself if Iíd lost you."
A tear came down Dymusí face and he smiled wider.
"I love you Jamie and always will." he said.
That afternoon, while Jamie was sitting on the bed next to Dymus, one of his loyal servants came in.
"How are you feeling you majesty?" the servant asked.
"A little better thanks for asking." replied Dymus.
"Is there anything you might need you majesty?" the servant asked.
"Oh not right now" said Dymus, "why donít you take the day off."
"Thank you majesty, but are you sure you wonít need anything?" the servant replied.
"Iím sure now go enjoy yourself itís a nice day." Dymus said.
The servant gave a bow and then left the room. Dymus patted the space next to him and Jamie laid down.
"Dymus Iím worried about you." Jamie said.
"Oh Jamie Iím healing just fine. Donít worry everything will be ok." he replied.
"Itís not just that that worries me. What if there are other out there who want you dead?" she said.
"Nothing like that will ever happen again Jamie trust me." he said taking her hand in his.
"I just love you so much." Jamie said.
"I love you too." Dymus said.
"I hope you have a quick recovery, because I just hate seeing you this way." Jamie said through tears.
Jamie gave him another kiss on the lips and then they fell asleep. The next morning Jamie woke up and looked over at Dymus. His eyes were still closed and he wasnít moving.
"Dymus?" she said shaking him alittle.
Dymus still did not move and Jamie started to panic. She felt his neck for a pulse and was relieved that there was still one.
"Thank goodness youíre still alive, but why wonít you wake up?" she said to herself.
She got up off the bed and went to find the medic who happened to be coming down the hall at that same moment.
"Is everything alright my lady?" the medic asked.
"Heís got a pulse, but he wonít wake up." she said in a panicked voice.
"Oh dear" said the medic.
Jamie followed him inside and watched as the medic checked his pulse and examined him.
"Heís in a coma." the medic said sadly.
Jamie started to cry because she knew what a coma was. She also knew that some people never wake up from one.
"All we can do now is wait and hope that one day heíll wake up." said the medic.
Jamie nodded her head sadly.
"I guess youíre in charge until he wakes up." the medic said.
"Iíll do my best." she replied.
"Iím absolutely sure that you will." said the medic with a smile.
He left the room and went back down the hall. It wasnít long after that before everyone in the city found out that Dimes was in a coma. Many of them were sure he would never wake up again. The whole city seemed to be filled with sorrow. Jamie got a lot of support from his loyal servants. Every night Jamie would kiss him and pray for him to wake.
Two months later Jamie woke up feeling movement on the other side of the bed. She immediately sat up and to her surprise Dymus was smiling up at her.
"Youíre awake!" she said loudly.
She gave him a kiss and his servant started coming in to see him.
"Your majesty youíre awake!" said one of the servants.
Dymus looked over at the large gathering of servants standing by his bed.
"Wow how long have I been unconscious?" he asked.
"For about two months." Jamie told him.
He looked into her eyes and reached his hand up and touched her face.
"How have you been?" he asked gently, "No one gave you a bad time did they?"
"No one gave me a bad time. Everyone was very nice. Iím just so happy youíre awake again." she replied.
Dymus unbuttoned his shirt and looked at his chest. He noticed that his wound was all the way healed. All that was left was a tiny scar. He rebut toned his shirt then looked over at Jamie and gave her another kiss. Then he remembered that the servants were still standing there.
"All right I appreciate you all coming here now go back to work." he said to them.
The servants bowed then left the room.
"So my love, you want to go on a walk?" Dymus asked Jamie smiling.
"Are you sure youíre up to it?" Jamie asked concerned.
"Oh Iím pretty sure I am." Dymus said sitting up.
"Alright then, but only if your bodyguards come with us." said Jamie.
Dymus sighed then replied, "Ok if you insist."
Jamie got up off the bed and then helped Dymus up. They walked out holding hands. The bodyguards followed them closely. As they walked down the street they were greeted by everyone. Dymus smiled and waved back to them. When they got back to the castle Dymus snapped his fingers and a servant immediately came to him.
"Make our dinner." Dymus commanded.
"Right away your majesty." replied the servant as he gave a bow and ran to the kitchen.
Jamie followed Dymus to the eating room and sat down at the table. Shortly after that the servant came in with a huge tray of food. He set the tray on the table, gave a bow, then left. Dymus ate their meal then the servant came back and took the tray back to the kitchen.
"Iím tired." Jamie said with a yawn.
"Letís go to bed then." Dymus replied with a smile.
They got up and headed towards the bedroom. When they got there Jamie went straight to the bed and laid down on it. Dymus smiled and then laid down beside her. They began moving closer and closer to each other. Then they started kissing each other over and over and things began to get a little intense as they got closer together. Then, finally, they fell asleep a few hours later.
About two weeks later Jamie noticed something different about herself. Sheíd missed her period for about a week so far. She remembered the night they had two weeks ago and then she knew right away what was going on. She was pregnant. She knew she had to tell Dymus, but she didnít know how he would react. Then Dymus entered the room.
"Good morning my love!" he said cheerfully.
"Dymus I need to tell you something." Jamie said.
"Sure what is it?" Dymus said sitting next to her on the bed.
"I think Iím pregnant." she said.
"Really? Wow thatís great!" replied Dymus excitedly.
"Youíre not upset?" Jamie asked surprised.
"Of course not. What would I be?" he said hugging her.
She smiled and said, "If itís a boy Iím going to name him Dymus Jr."
Dymus smiled then leaned over and kissed her.
"Iíve been waiting a long time for this!" Dymus said.
Jamie smiled as Dymus rubbed her belly with his hand.
"I love you." he said.
"I love you too." she replied.
"So what are you going to name the baby if itís a girl?" Dymus asked curiously.
"Iíll have to think about that one." Jamie replied with a smile.
Jamie started to think about something that had just occurred to her.
"How is this possible though?" she asked Dymus, "I mean youíre and elf and Iím a human."
Dymus smiled then replied, "Anything is possible here."
"So does that mean that our baby will be half elf and half human." she asked.
"Something like that yeah." Dymus said, "Thatís ok isnít it."
"Of course it is, Iím just still trying to adjust to all of this." she replied.
"Ok thatís fine take your time." he said.
Then a servant came in with a tray of breakfast. He set it down on the table by the bed.
"Thank you Sinamus.íí Said Dymus.
The servant bowed then left the room.
"When do you want me to spread the news?" Dymus asked with a smile.
"Anytime." Jamie said.
They ate their breakfast then the servant came back and took the tray. As the servant started to leave Dymus stopped him.
"Wait Sinamus.íí said Dymus.
"Yes your majesty?" Sinamus asked.
"I need you to spread some very good news to everyone." he said smile.
"Sure your majesty what kind of news would you like me to spread?" replied Sinamus.
"Jamie is pregnant with my child." Dymus said with a smile.
"Right away your majesty." Sinamus said smiling back.
Then the servant ran off and no more than two hours later the whole city had found out. Dymusí body guards even came into congratulate them. When the visitors had finally stopped coming Dymus and Jamie went out of the room to eat dinner. When they had finished their dinner Dymus got up and walked over to Jamie and gave her a kiss on the lips.
"Are you up for a walk?" Dymus asked her.
"Sure!" Jamie replied.
He helped her up and they walked towards the door. Jamie suddenly remembered that that day was her birthday.
"I just remembered that todayís my birthday. Iím finally sixteen!" said Jamie.
"Well happy birthday my love!" exclaimed Dymus smiling.
They walked down the street with their arms around each other smiling. For the next nine months Dymus refused to leave Jamieís side. He gave her everything that she wanted and took good care of her. Then as the due date came closer Dymus was extra protective of her.
"How are you today my love?" Dymus asked one morning.
"Fine, I think the baby is going to come soon." she said.
Dymus looked at her big belly and smiled.
"So have you thought of a girl name yet?" he asked.
"Of course" she said, "How about Lanamus"
"Thatís a perfect name!" Dymus said.
Then Jamie started breathing heavily then started to scream.
"Oh dear." said Dymus then yelled, "MEDIC! COME QUICK!"
The medic quickly ran in.
"What is it your majesty?" asked the medic.
"I think sheís in labor." Said Dymus.
The medic ran over to the bed and for about an hour he helped Jamie deliver the baby. The Dymus heard the sound of a baby crying and looked over.
"Itís a boy!íí said the medic.
"Dymus Jr." Jamie said as she tried to catch her breath.
Dymus took the baby into his arms and gently cradled it.
"Hello Dymus Jr." he said gently.
He looked at the baby and saw that it had pointed ears like him, but had Jamieís face. He brought the baby over to Jamie for her to see. Jamie smiled then took the baby into her arms.
"Heís got your beautiful face." Dymus said to her.
"Heís got you ears and hair." she said back.
For the first couple of months Dymus focused all of his attention on Jamie and his son. Then one day Dymus came into the room looking upset.
"I have to go away for a while my love." he said sadly.
"Why?" Jamie asked.
"I have to settle a conflict on the far end of the city." he replied.
"Please Dymus be careful. I donít want to lose you again.íí she said concerned.
"Donít worry my love I will." he said.
He walked over to the bed and kissed Jamie and baby Dymus Jr. good bye. He looked at them one last time then walked back out the door. Then after several weeks of no news from Dymus Jamie began to worry. Then after a whole month had passed she was determined to find out where he was. She walked down the hall and stopped by a room where she heard two elves talking.
"Is he dead?" on of them asked.
"We donít know we they canít find his body." the other said.
"Ok so what exactly happened?" the first one asked.
"Well Dymus was trying to deactivate a bomb on the far side of the city and wellÖ he didnít succeed and the bomb exploded and now they canít find his body." the other one said.
"So you mean that there may be no body at all?" asked the first one.
"Yes Iím afraid so." the other said sadly.
"What about Jamie and his son? We have to tell them what happened." said the first one.
The other one glanced at a shadow at the door.
"I think she just found out." he said still looking at the door.
"What? How?" the first one asked.
The other pointed to the down and they saw the shadow run down the hall and they heard loud crying sounds.
"Oh dear.í said the first one sadly.
The two elves ran out of the room and down the hall after her. When they caught up to her they grabbed her and she stopped.
"We are so sorry." the first one said.
Jamie then fell to her knees and started crying harder. Then she suddenly got up and ran to the bedroom, jumped onto the bed and cried into the pillow.
Two weeks later as she walked down the hall carrying the baby she saw the two bodyguards walk in carrying a badly burnt and bloody body. Jamie ran over to the body.
"Heís dead my lady.íí said one of the guards.
When Jamie saw that there was no hope in bringing him back this time she started crying again. The next day they had a memorial service for him. They had built a special tomb and placed Dymusí body in it.
"Good bye my love." Jamie said through tears.
"The tomb was sealed shut and then Dymus Jr. started to cry in Jamieís arms. Jamie looked at the child and remembered that she still had his son to remember him by.
Jamie remained queen of the elves until her son turned fifteen. Then she stepped down from the throne and let him take over. When Dymus Jr. was finally king she went back home to try and find her mother. When she found her they were happily reunited. They apologized for the troubled past that they had and told their stories. They were back to having a happy relationship again. She never forgot Dymus, the good times they had together, or the son she left behind to rule over the elves like his father once did. Despite how much she missed him she never went back to the city of the elves. Dymus just wanted her to be happy and she was. Jamie died at the age of ninety, but the stories she told of her time with Dymus live on for a very long time.

<<< Part 1

Submitted by Copyright © 2008 Hayley Hall (),

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