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Lily was a simple girl with simple dreams and a simple life, but not to Michelle. To Michelle, Lily wasn't simple at all. She was what poems call beauty. Especially when she sat on the little park benches on the roof of her apartment, and read cloth covered books. Books so moving that when she read them sometimes a single tear would drip down her baby soft cheek, which was always covered in her favorite berry colored blush. The roof much quieter, the wind much softer when she sat up there, drinking from her chipped blue cup that said "Daddy's girl". The cup she tried to throw away so many times but always held onto like a security blanket. On really cold days it snowed fluffy cotton-like flakes that drifted onto her warm yellow mittens. But even then, she perched herself up there.

At night, she would stay up past one, hoping and wondering, her mind always moving. Michelle would sit outside her door sometimes, watching the glowing light emencing from under Lily's door. The light seemed to shimmer, like the shimmery lip gloss she'd smear on her lips on thursday nights when she went down by the pier. The boys busy with their cool glass bottles filled with bitter liquid, bitter like love turned foul by girls with trusting green eyes.

Lily's apartment was enormous. Filled with whimsical plants, antique lamps, and a huge oriental rug that covered her cold wooden floor. She bought it at a thrift store for $30. She often wondered the rugs history. Who had been in love on it, what children had played on it. When she finally did decide to sleep, she'd curl up into a ball on the rug, tight and safe.

Michelle couldn't believe nobody talked to Lily, with her long slim stomach and cute little hands. She drove the boys wild. Michelle watched her everyday. She would buy the same berry colored blush as Lily, and she wore than same plain flowing black skirt and white button up shirt, which was never buttoned enough.

One day Michelle decided to tell Lily her love for her. Not really the kind of love like in the movies but Lily inspired her, she made her a better person without even knowing it, but she soon WOULD know.

Michelle started up the stairs to the apartment building, worry festering in her stomach. She pulled open the heavy gray door and was immediately hit with the familiar smell of baby formula and cat urine. She squinted into the dim hallway and started up a flight of stairs.

The lights flickered over her head as she stepped over piles of trash. She passed a door that was swung open, a large woman stood there with a Mickey Mouse shirt hanging off her shoulder, a turquoise colored bra showing. She was crying, and so was the child she cradled. The child looked about four and still wore a diaper, his little face covered in food or dirt. A man, drunk or dead, lay in the doorway face down. Michelle walked around him, her eyes glued to the child's hint of bruising on his chest. She walked up another flight of stairs and came to Lily's door. A light tan door with graffiti. Michelle knew every scratch on the key hole, every crack in the paint, by heart. That door had been her savior some nights, when she sat outside the room, just to be near Lily.

She knocked on the door and nobody answered. She slowly creaked open the door and heard faint music playing somewhere in the apartment. Michelle spun around smelling the hint of strawberry and purity. She fell into Lily's bed and closed her eyes, imagining she WAS Lily. Then, she sat up, wondering where Lily was. She went outside the room and climbed another flight of stairs to the roof. She stepped up and saw Lily standing on the ledge looking down. Her long dark brown hair caught in the wind, her long flowing black skirt wrapping around her. Michelle cocked her head to the side and walked slowly toward Lily. Just then Lily let herself fall freely over the ledge. Michelle hurried to the ledge and watched Lily fall. She looked up at Michelle and she fell and smiled. Her arms flowing above her, tangled in her hair. It was the most beautiful moment of Michelle's life. She stood upon the ledge, and she whispered Lily's name. And then she jumped into infinity.

Submitted by Tricia Fisher, Cameron, Missouri

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