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Missing Diary (First Half)

"Iím sorry madam, like I told you, we canít even take a report on a missing person unless they have been gone for twenty-four hours. Iím sure your husband will be home soon. If you care to call the hospitals, we have a phone list we can give you, but you should go home and practice the speech that will keep him on the straight and narrow. Thatís it, put a smile on your face and think the good thoughts. If he hasnít shown up or called by tomorrow, stop back and I will make a report. Take care now!" "OK, whoís next?" Hollered the Desk Sargent. "Excuse me Sargent, the guy in the blue suit is here to see his client, Roger Hines. Is he still in booking or has he gone to lockup? " "Too late, heís in the wagon heading to County Central, heíll have to contact Captain Weber; Whoís next." "Now, what do we have here; let me see that citation. "All right, hereís what you have to do. This is a charge against a minor, so in the morning you will have to go up stairs to Probate. See the nice lady at the end of the hall and she can tell you if you can pay the fine now or if the young man will have to appear, OK? Oh yeah, speak up when you talk to Ms. Jackson, sheís a little hard of hearing. "Next! Whatís this little girl? Officer, yeah you, you got that little girl?" "I brought her in Sarg. I was told to have somebody get in touch with Youth Services." Reported the young beat cop. "What have you got?" Quizzed the Sargent. "Sheís the kid that was pulled out of that wrecked and burning taxi on Holmes Road. No name, apparently nobody with her, we donít know where she was going or who she is. EMTís say she doesnít have a scratch." "Yellow Cab dispatch will have a pick-up address, what did the driver say?"

"No help there, that was a fatal on the cabby. Dispatch said the driver called in a flag down, Michigan Ave. and Huron, the driver said he was heading out to the village." "Take the desk for a while; let me talk to her. Call "Youth" and see if Kennedy is in, she has a way with little kids. Keep your eye on the guy in the coveralls; he looks like he could skip in a heartbeat. "Good evening little lady, can I get you to come back here? How about you and I splitting a Coke? Thatís a good girl." The Sargent said as he held open the door to the dispatch office. "Letís sit you down right here, away from that racket out there and I will go get that Coke. Would you like a straw or a paper cup? Iíll bring both." Desk Sargent Witherspoon poured about an inch of Coke into the cup and carefully handed it to the poorly dressed little girl. She had long blonde hair, dark green eyes, and a cupid nose. She had a sweater that was too big for her, a faded dress, but she appeared to be a healthy little girl. Her hands and one cheek were a little sooty, but thatís not too bad for surviving a flaming automobile crash, and being alone in the Washtenaw County Sheriff Sub-station at Willow Run. "Now, we want to get you out of here and back with your family, but we donít have a clue who you are or where you were going. Can you tell me your name?" "Mary Beth." Said the wide-eyed little girl. "Well Mary Beth, we are making progress already, isnít that great? Do you know where you live?" "Sometimes with Aunt Nancy and sometimes with Dobbs" "And where do Aunt Nancy and Mr. Dobbs live?" Asked the Sargent. Chuckling "not Mr. Dobbs, Dobbs." "How old are you honey?" Four fingers went up on her left hand. "My goodness youíre a big girl for four years old. Do you have a telephone at your house? Do you ever talk to anybody on the telephone?" Slowly Mary Beth shook her head no. "Do you have anybody at your house besides Aunt Nancy and Dobbs; do you have brothers or sisters?" "Aunt Nancy has been real sick. Dobbs shows up sometimes, can I have more pop?" Mary Beth held out her cup. "Iím sorry princess, sure you can. Donít let me spill any on your dress. Do you have lots of people living around your house or are you out in the country? Do you have a dog or a cat?" "Pete went to heaven," Whispered a somber Mary Beth. "Mercy, was Pete your dog?" "Bulldog" "I had a bulldog when I was a little boy! Do you have lots of neighbors?" "Some." Said Mary Beth. "Does Dobbs stay home with you every day or does he go to work?" "Dobbs sings songs and he tells me stories, but mostly he makes me laugh" "I see? Would you like something to eat, are you hungry? How about a hot dog or a nice hamburger?" "No Thank You. Dobbs will take care of me." An Officer stuck his head through the door, "Sara Kennedy from Youth Services is on line 2." "Good Evening, Sargent Witherspoon here" "Hello William, this is Sara Kennedy and Iím out at the taxi accident scene, this is nasty. I didnít know you guys brought the child to the station until I talked to Captain Weber; Iíll be there in a half-hour. How bad is the kid?" "Iím glad youíre coming in. Everything here is fine. Maybe some mild shock, but things are very laid back, no trauma." Replied the Sargent. "Really? I guess the taxi was totally engulfed in flames. The poor driver is unrecognizable. A couple of local girls saw the rescue; Iíll give you all the dope when I pick her up. Do I need to stop and pick up some clothes for her?" "I didnít hear anything about a rescue, but no, the clothes are old, but fine." "See you shortly, Thanks." Said Sara Kennedy. "Let me pour you the last of the Coke and we can go back to our friendly chat. Where were we, Oh yes, you said Dobbs would take care of you, tell me more about Dobbs." "Dobbs flies the big planes, he has medals and ribbons." "Where is Aunt Nancy now?" quizzed the Sargent. "She is trying to get better." "OK Honey, there is a nice lady coming to see you. She makes sure that little boys and girls have a nice place to stay and plenty of food and warm clothes; her name is Sara, Sara Kennedy. She will help try to find your Aunt Nancy and Dobbs. Doesnít that sound good? "Are you warm enough, would you like a blanket, do you want to lay down? No, OK then, I have to get back to work, but just ask if you need anything." Ten minutes later, Sargent Witherspoon looked up from the desk and saw Sara Kennedy coming in. "Hello Sara, you made good time." "Hello William, howís our little lady? I canít believe she isnít hurt; you should see that cab. According to a couple of girls coming back from a party, the child was out cold in the back seat until the mystery man pulled her out. The guy comes out of nowhere, grabs the red hot door handle and drags the child out into the ditch." Sara reported as she removed her jacket. "Did we get his name?" Sara checked her notes. "This R. Thompson and G. Graham say they were the first on the scene, they saw the cab leave the road and hit the power pole, and they could only see the driver at first. The cab burst into flames when it bounced off the pole and they stayed back thinking the gas tank could blow any second. Then this guy just shows up out of nowhere, pulls the girl out, goes back in the cab for the driver, and never comes out."

continue to Part 2 >>>

Story Submitted by G.grenier(),

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