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The Story of Gregory Tillmon

Gregory Tillmon grew up in a picture perfect scenario. With picket fences, apple trees and happy families. He lived most of his life oblivious the less fortunate or unpleasant environments around him. Unfortunately he never got the chance to realize how great he had it until it was all gone.

- Gregory: 17 yrs old; a senior in high school, he was raised well, but starting to explore more interesting aspects of teenage life through Timmy.
- Timmy: 18 yrs old; a senior in high school, Greg’s best friend since 7th grade. He grew up the same way as Greg, but just recently broke up with his girlfriend of 5 years and found out that his parents were getting separated.
- Mom: 37 yrs old; housewife. Loving and caring, with Southern Baptist morals and values.
- Nicole: 16 yrs old; Junior in high school. Grew up next door to Greg, their parents were best friends, she moved away three years ago.
- Dad: 42 yrs old; Lawyer. Strict, but with good reasoning; a great husband for mom, and lays down the law for Gregory when its necessary

Mom: “It’s time to get up for school sweetie!” she exclaims, with her usual cheery tone.
Greg gets up out of bed and rolls his eyes; annoyed by his mothers request. He dresses for school, walks downstairs and grabs a glass of orange juice (after glancing down at the display of home-cooked breakfast on the kitchen table)
Greg: “I’ll be home late today, me and Tim have to study for physics.”
Mom: “Well alright sweetie, but call me if you’re not gonna make it to dinner, I’m makin you your favorite.” She beamed, with a charming smile.
When Greg gets to school, his friend Tim, who seems eager to tell him something, greets him.
Tim: ”Here’s the plan; it’s my cousin Johns 20th birthday today, so he’s throwing a huge party at the lake. Everyone’s gonna be there, a lot of hot girls.”
Greg: “Sounds good,” Greg said with a nervous smile, as he recalled the mischievous stories Tim had once told him about John.

Greg and Tim finish discussing the plan at lunch. They both call their parents and tell them were sleeping at each other’s house, so they could stay at the party as long as they wanted. The drive was an hour long, and on their way there they talked about their anticipations for the evening.
Tim: ”I just wanna get laid!” Tim bursted out.
Greg looked at him from the drivers seat and smirked, as he was trying to decide if he felt the same way.
Tim: ”No man, I’m serious. After five years with Tina and her devotion to celibacy, I’m over it, I’m ready to see what the hell the big deal is.”

Greg was a virgin himself, but never really thought of it as a problem. He was raised with Christian beliefs, so it wasn’t one of his top priorities.
Greg: “Yah, well do whatever you need to do, just make sure you won’t regret it later.”
Tim: “The only thing I’ll regret is being one of the last seniors to have sex.”

Greg and Tim finally arrive at the party, and by the time they see John, and were introduced to some of the people there, Greg had already started to feel uncomfortable and wanted to leave.
Tim quickly found interest in a shy brunette, after a few rounds of beer. Greg was sitting quietly, trying to fit in with a ‘bud light’ in his hand. As he was observing the people around him, thinking maybe he could find a girl for himself, he spotted a familiar face.
After a few minutes of peering at her in the dark, he worked up the courage to move closer, and was shocked when he realized who it was.
Greg: “Nicole?” (in disbelief)
Nicole: “Oh my god, Gregory Tillmon! What the hell are you doing here?!” (Excited to see him)
Greg: “Oh well, John is Tim’s cousin; you remember him right? Well he dragged me here with him, so he could find himself a new girlfriend.”
As the two of them started to catch up, Greg began to realize how much Nicole had changed. The places she lived in after she moved weren’t quite as pleasant as where they grew up, and she had experience way beyond Gregory. He even began embellishing his own life, to keep up with hers.
Nicole: ”Here, have a beer.”
Although Greg wasn’t much of a drinker, he was eager to please Nicole, and had already exaggerated his lifestyle to the point where she assumed he would be getting drunk tonight anyway.
After a few more rounds of beer, and a lot of talking, Greg found himself completely wasted for the first time.
Greg: “I’ve had a crush on you ever since we were kids.” (He exclaimed, with a sense of relief)
Nicole had known about his crush on her for a while, so her shock came from his sudden courage, rather than the content of the statement. Although she had always thought of Greg as a friend and nothing more, she had now been through experiences that left her feeling vulnerable. She was at a point in her life where she greatly appreciated his sincerity, and decided to express her feelings to him.
As the night continued to progress, the talking led to a drunk make-out session, which eventually led to Greg losing his virginity. He woke up the next morning alone, in the backseat of his car.
Next to him he found a note that read; “I had to leave, I’m sorry. I hope you don’t regret last night. It was nice to see you. –Nicole”
As Greg read the note, He thought perhaps she’s done this a few times before. He tells Tim all about it on the drive home.
Greg: “ Tim, do you remember Nicole?”
Tim: “ Yah, why?”
Greg: “ Well she was there at the party last night, and after a couple drinks, we had sex.”
Tim: (in shock)” What? You mean you lost your virginity before me? I always wondered when this day would come. That is awesome though, Nicole’s pretty hot.”
Greg: (laughs at his comment) Yah, well I still can’t believe it happened.
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Submitted by Copyright © 2003 Kristen Grossman (),

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