Stupid Things People Say When You Lose

When you lose at a competition, there always are people around to console you. Especially, the other teams too. Its okay, you know you lost. Maybe you weren’t as wel prepared, maybe it was just sheer bad luck, but dumb asses still have to come up to you and say “Its fine you lost. Someone has to win, someone has to lose”

Yeah, I get it! That’s why its called competition. Here’s what else they say

Its participation that matters, winning is secondary

And the prize for Stupid Mr. Obvious goes to….

That’s right as long as I win!

You will win next time

Yeah, so you’re a soothsayer now, huh?

Its okay! We lost too.

Sorry we don’t talk to losers.

I am sure you were good. Others were better than you that’s why they won

Oh really? I thought it was all about sleeping with the judges

You didn’t lose. You just did not win

Its the spirit that counts.

The winning spirit, that is

You can’t always win

Yeah, but we can always not lose

Why don’t you cheer up? Its not the end of the World

No? I thought it was about the winner being escorted to a safe planet while the Earth is scorched by a huge solar flare. Glad you told me.

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