Urban Dictionary

Newage Tech
No stalk – Phrase used before one inadvertently says something that sounds stalkerish on Facebook.

Nerd Bird – An airliner that flies between two high-tech cities, likely that the majority of the passengers will be nerds.

shopped – Photoshopped; manipulated with an image editor

Cracked Screen App – When you crack your iPhone screen for some reason, but you just keep using it since it still works. It is free to get this app but if you want to get rid of it, you need to pay around $70 to get it fixed.

Business & Finance
dead cat bounce – Investor slang; a brief recovery in the price of a falling stock.

Business Buzzed – an acceptable level of intoxication for business situations.

Balls out – To exude tremendous effort, to try extremely hard.

Costrophobia – The fear of high prices.

LCD Trip – When you watch too much football on your LCD big-screen.

bucket – Bay area slang for an under-maintenanced vehicle. Also known as a hooptie.

Brain & Body
stealth abs – When your ripped six pack is covered by a thick layer of fat.

echo boomer – The child of a Baby Boomer.

cognitus interruptus – A disruption of the normal thought process, normally by an external distraction.

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