Tuesday, July 31

Sky high Lady

Beautiful lady inside airplane asked the man for help to remove his eyes off her breasts!

Sky high classroom!

My Engagement Photo

Now that's how you take Engagement pictures!

Monday, July 23

Satisfying Billboard

Satisfaction guarranteed ! 
Oh yes, every morning at the signal.


They know that it's all water after all.

Urdu quote

A great poet once said.... 

Tuesday, June 19

Father's caring Son

5 year old son.....after reading story of a king.....

Son:......Mom, I also want 3 will cook, one will sing, one will bathe me.......

Mom:....And which one will put you to sleep

Son:..No mom, i will still sleep with you....Mom's eyes filled up with tears ... God bless you son

Mom:...but who will sleep with your  3 wives

Son:....Let them sleep with daddy...

Daddy's eyes filled up with tears... God bless you son ! 😂😆

*Happy Father's Day!*

Saturday, June 16

First game Closing ceremony of Football World Cup 2018

Saudi Arabia player after the world cup match against Russia... ;-)