Wednesday, December 30


Your doormat says it all.
' Home is where The Pants Aren't '

Tuesday, December 29

Attractive Tribe - Belly Beautiful

In the Odi tribe, Ethipoia, the most Desirable men are those with the largest Bellies.
(Think you were born in the tribe?)

Browsing Christmas Gifts

Daddy's computer browsing history can get you any Gifts you want!!

Monday, December 28

At Heaven's Door

God's messenger showing your social media posts, when you want to go to heaven!! 

Sunday, December 27

Online Grocery Shopping

Wife to neighbour, "I let George order our shopping over the internet today"

While husband heartily takes delivery of his drinks supply.

Take care while asking your husband to fetch the grocery.

Saturday, December 26

Saturday, December 12

Reporting to Booty!

Message Placard at Airport with welcome kiss to her man

Err, don't you mean DUTY


the Fourth Monkey

FInally the fourth monkey. He is the sum of all three monkeys, he hears nobody, says nothing and see nothing.
True or False for nowadays people acting like him?

The New Normal

New Normal protocol 

Can't Trust you Friend!?

How to check the video when your friend sends it.



Friday, December 11

End of Plague Celebrations

During the Middle Ages they celebrated the End of the Plague with Wine and Orgies.

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