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Saturday, February 21

Thumb Asanas

While mobile messaging may free your mind,
it can play havoc with a less celebrated
organ - your thumb.To keep your
thumbs in shape, practise these simple
thumb exercises at home on a light
stomach and keep living the SMS life.

Touch the tip of your thumb to the tip
of each finger, like they’re meeting
after a long time.

Place the dorsum(aka the back) of
the hand flat, with the thumb resting
in the palm(zzzzz).
Raise the thumb towards the ceiling.

• Place your hand on the table like
you’re executing a karate chop, with
your thumb pointing up.
• Bend your thumb across the palm
towards your small finger. If your
thumb resembles a rubber band, this
is easier.
Get back to square one and makes
sure both joints are staright.

• In case your other hand is feeling left
out, use it to grasp the affected thumb
at the base, just below the end joint.
• Bend and straighten the thumb at
the end joint only, unless youe enjoy
hurting yourself.

Monday, August 13

Gudnight Sms

Jab-jab aap members ki yaad aaeygi,
Tab-tab hamari kalam se shayari bahar aeygi,
Aur – yeh shayri padhne ke baad ho jaigi sab ki chhuti
Kyonki — yeh hi kittu ki — panna no.40
;-) bole to - good night sms panna no.40

Teri eyes hai jaise tube-light,
Ab bandh bhi karo, kyonki ho gai hai - goodnight!
(Your eyes are like tubelight,
Now close ur eyes because its gudnight!)

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