Sunday, January 31

Advantages of a Hypocrite

"the best part being an Hypocrite is You can still denounce Hypocrisy".

Friday, January 29

Sign of a Genius

Zoom online class student 'Reconnecting', already a born genius :-)

Wednesday, January 27

Apple Of Men

You know Apple is run by men...
When they call it an iPhone 6+ 
And it's only 5.5inches.

Tuesday, January 26

Motivational Quotes are like...

Motivational Quotes are like...
Very moving at that instant but Don't Last Long 
And you seek more!

Wednesday, January 20

Plasma TV Advice at European Supermarket Ayia Napa

Durex Ad Sign at P&M Supermarket Europe
'A baby is never a, Surprise, or, Mistake! You had s*x without a condom. What did you expect? A Plasma TV!?'

Saturday, January 16

Google Location On

When you allow Google/Facebook to know your location

Wednesday, January 13

Saree Fashion Trend

Ethnic Saree fashion 2050 forecast as per the current trend of various celebrities and designers.