Saturday, August 21

Talibani Dilemma

Evacuation underway in Afghanistan

Senior's ThursDay

Happy Thirst-day 
Happy Senior Citizens's Day!

Tuesday, August 17

IQ 140 can find The Five Differences

Only people with IQ level 140 can find the Five Differences 

Proof of Global Warming

Women Innerwear Fashion designers have been giving the proof of Global Warming

Wednesday, July 28

Getting Double is Healthy

For a healthy Spine and Better weekend,
Never just buy one carton. 

Friday, July 23

Friday Beer Jokes

*Ultimate arrogance😂*

4 CEOs of  big beer companies meet for a drink. 

The president of Budweiser orders a Bud. Miller's president orders a Millers and the president of Amstel orders a Amstel. 

When it is Heineken's president  turn to order he orders a soda. 

Why didn't you order Heineken everyone asks? 

Nah, he replies. If you guys aren't having a beer neither will I !!

Friday, July 16

Husband's Dentist

Finally she realised why her husband had Toothache too often!