Saturday, February 21

Thumb Asanas

While mobile messaging may free your mind,
it can play havoc with a less celebrated
organ - your thumb.To keep your
thumbs in shape, practise these simple
thumb exercises at home on a light
stomach and keep living the SMS life.

Touch the tip of your thumb to the tip
of each finger, like they’re meeting
after a long time.

Place the dorsum(aka the back) of
the hand flat, with the thumb resting
in the palm(zzzzz).
Raise the thumb towards the ceiling.

• Place your hand on the table like
you’re executing a karate chop, with
your thumb pointing up.
• Bend your thumb across the palm
towards your small finger. If your
thumb resembles a rubber band, this
is easier.
Get back to square one and makes
sure both joints are staright.

• In case your other hand is feeling left
out, use it to grasp the affected thumb
at the base, just below the end joint.
• Bend and straighten the thumb at
the end joint only, unless youe enjoy
hurting yourself.

Monday, January 26


Come on! Lets Fight!!

Thursday, October 4

The ten most hated words on the Internet

The Internet has much to answer for, but one of its chiefest sins is its relentless stupifidication of the English language. And no, I did not just make up the word "stupifidication."

UK pollsters YouGov have just completed a survey on the web's most-hated words, the abominations that threaten to turn English into a long series of "plzkthxbye" utterances. At the top of the list (and rightly so) is the word "folksonomy." It's followed by:

* Blogosphere
* Blog
* Netiquette
* Blook (don't ask)
* Webinar
* Vlog
* Social Networking
* Cookie
* Wiki

By Nate Anderson

Wednesday, September 19


Audi TT S-Line (2008)

Audi TT S-Line

Audi TT Roadster (2008)

Audi TT Roadster

Audi RS 6 Avant (2008)

Audi RS 6 Avant

Audi S8 (2007)

Audi S8

Audi S6 Avant (2007)

Audi S6 Avant

Audi S6 (2007)

Audi S6

Audi S4 Cabrio (2007)

Audi S4 Cabrio

Audi S4 (2007)

Audi S4

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