Tuesday, July 31

My Engagement Photo

Now that's how you take Engagement pictures!

Monday, July 23

Satisfying Billboard

Satisfaction guarranteed ! 
Oh yes, every morning at the signal.


They know that it's all water after all.

Urdu quote

A great poet once said.... 

Tuesday, June 19

Father's caring Son

5 year old son.....after reading story of a king.....

Son:......Mom, I also want 3 will cook, one will sing, one will bathe me.......

Mom:....And which one will put you to sleep

Son:..No mom, i will still sleep with you....Mom's eyes filled up with tears ... God bless you son

Mom:...but who will sleep with your  3 wives

Son:....Let them sleep with daddy...

Daddy's eyes filled up with tears... God bless you son ! 😂😆

*Happy Father's Day!*

Saturday, June 16

First game Closing ceremony of Football World Cup 2018

Saudi Arabia player after the world cup match against Russia... ;-)