Wednesday, November 28

Killer Instinct

When your woman pulls out a knife during an arguement,
Place a bread and butter

Wednesday, November 21

Bob Marley problem of people

Real is hated but fake is loved! Why?

Inappropriate Quote

Just Bragging About...

Monday, November 19


Brake Warning!

Wife Rocks Good Old Times of Husband!!

HUSBAND in a good mood.... 

"Darling, remember 25 years ago I had a rented one room apartment, a table fan, a black&white television and a bicycle to use. But, at night I used to sleep besides a 25 year old beautiful girl. 
Now I own a luxurious centrally air conditioned penthouse, 4 LED big screen televisions and a limousine but 
I sleep with a 50 year old woman..."

WIFE: "Do not worry darling. Just find yourself a 25 year old beautiful woman and I will make sure that you go back to a rented one room apartment, 
a table fan, a black and white television and a bicycle in no time....!!"


Women always rock !!!👍👍👍

Saturday, November 17

Monday, November 12

Friends' Warning

Warning to all those friends who don't drink or smoke .....

Saturday, November 3