Tuesday, April 6

Before Discovery of Oxygen

Oxygen was discovered in 1772.
Before 1772 people used to die just before their birth!!

Politician's love for Country

A politician is a person
who will lay down your life for his country.

Sunday, April 4

Funny Online Ads Placements

Funny or ironic Placements of online advertisements 

Friday, April 2

Karma is 69

Life Karma is like 69...
You get What you Give

Wednesday, March 31

ICU Airlines

Nowadays Boarding a flights seems like entering an ICU

Tuesday, March 30

We Are Special

Humans are special kind of stupid...

Social distancing At the Airport and 
In the Aircraft !

Wednesday, March 24

Lady Cow

Yelled 'Cow' at the woman on a bike and she gave me the finger. Then, ... 
I tried!

Monday, March 22

Seeking Advertisement in Bathroom

Now that your client has lost weight,
You may advertise your Bikini