Monday, September 13

Wine in Pill Form

Someone offered me grapes. But I declined.
I'm not used to consume swine in Pill form.

Sunday, September 12

Cop's Reason for Delay in Arrest!

Lawyer in court, "Wife shot her husband because he stepped on her freshly mopped floor?"
Policeman, "That is correct"
Lawyer, "And it took twenty minutes for you to arrest her! Why?"
Policeman, "The floor was still wet!"

Saturday, August 21

Tuesday, August 17

IQ 140 can find The Five Differences

Only people with IQ level 140 can find the Five Differences 

Proof of Global Warming

Women Innerwear Fashion designers have been giving the proof of Global Warming

Wednesday, July 28

Getting Double is Healthy

For a healthy Spine and Better weekend,
Never just buy one carton.