Monday, April 4

A Perfect Man

*A Perfect Man*

- wakes up at 5 am everyday
- exercises everyday
- makes his own bed
- cleans his room
- works sincerely
- does not touch alcohol
- helps in the kitchen
- does not indulge in night life
- is always punctual
- prays daily
- reads
- hits the bed at 9 pm sharp.

These men are found in Central jail.


Wednesday, March 9

Sunday, February 20

Thursday, February 3

Greta Thunberg's says No to Chinese Chopsticks

Greta Thunberg's tells Chinese to Stop using Chopsticks as trees are cut to make them. 
Chinese replied that chopsticks are made from bamboo which is a plant, and also adviced her to Stop wiping her as with toilet paper as paper is  made from trees.

Tuesday, January 25

Health Tests Report

Doctor on seeing the patients medical tests report, "High sodium, high cholesterol, lots of toxins - your blood test is remarkably similar to a potato chip!!"

Employee's Messaging Skills

An employee messaged her boss about leave telling him she was pregnant who was at WFH.

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