Sunday, April 24

Larry the Fighter Pilot n Sarah

Teacher of class 3rd grade  asks Larry n Sarah What they want to be When they grow up.

Letters B and D

How letters b & d face each other in the word 'abdomen' !

Thursday, April 21

A Perfect Man

*A Perfect Man*

- wakes up at 5 am everyday
- exercises everyday
- makes his own bed
- cleans his room
- works sincerely
- does not touch alcohol
- helps in the kitchen
- does not indulge in night life
- is always punctual
- prays daily
- reads
- hits the bed at 9 pm sharp.

These men are found in Central jail.


Saturday, April 9

Brave Doggy's Rhino Tale

On an interview for his Rhino chase viral picture, 
Doggy - "That day I was Drunk"

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