Thursday, October 15


How to park your car in 2-wheeler parking !

Monday, October 12

Eventful Dinner International

At a Diplomats' dinner, a  waiter  tripped and shattered the beautiful plate in which he was carrying a large turkey.

 Hushed silence turned into a roar of  laughter, when the quick-witted Diplomat  announced:

"Gentlemen ! 
You have just witnessed 4 major international events happening :-

Fall of Turkey
Breakup of China
Spillage of Greece 
Frustration of Hungary !

Wednesday, September 23

Creative In-store Product Placements

For Extra Safety, Baby Products i got from store today for Moods 

Victoria's Secret Masks

Face Mask by Victoria's Secret 😜

Monday, September 21

Nuts in Crazy World

Aa the world gets crazier,
NUTS are easier to find!

Tuesday, September 8

Saturday, August 29

Topless Model

Admit it.
You've always been Crazy about topless models.

Thursday, August 27

Corona causes Impotency

Roxanne Davur qoutes on corona pandemic and lockdown.