Thursday, November 25

World's Tallest Girl and Largest Woman

tallest girl
tallest teenager girl in the world - Elisany Silva - is 14 years and height is 6 feet 9 inches tall going for fashion modelling.

largest womanWoman, Tanya Angus, lives with a rare syndrome known as acromegaly aka gigantism. She is not only tall but is also large, larger than any other woman alive. She weighs 480 pounds (220 kg) and is still growing.



  2. For all I know she could just be incredibly skinny and have a real small head. Wouldn't it have made sense to have her stand next to something for scale? A car, a freakin' bicycle, Anything! C'mon people use your noggins! Why is the human population of this planet becoming stupider? It's as if brains are no longer fashionable. The only superlative anybody knows anymore is "AWESOME," and nothing is!

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