Sunday, April 11

ANNUAL Performance Self-Appraisal 2020

Corona Virus Submitted  its 'Annual Performance Self - Appraisal' for  2020, for promotion:
1.  Responsible for Global Digital Transformation and fast-tracking.
2.  Reduction of Global CO2 emission.
3.  Five million jobs "restructuring".
4.  Global Hygiene initiatives: Ensured 100% compliance on washing hands... leading to collateral reduction of other communicable diseases.
5.  Made global industry shift to WFH - saved exposure and costs.
6.  Reduction in global noise pollution by making everyone keep their mouth shut (while masked). 😂
7.  Taught cooking, vegetable shopping, housekeeping to many.
8.  Highlighted the importance of governance, adaptability and long term planning, by all sectors.
9.  Spiritual contribution - Provided ample time to all people for reflection.
10. Provided a big boost to the Pharma sector, brought small utility stores back into priority. 
11. Taught family values and values of life again.
12. Taught how to manage funds by avoiding unnecessary expenses.
13. Oriented masses towards prevention of disease through Yoga, cycling, walking and healthy lifestyles.
14. Ushered in a new phase of social reforms - in controlling ostentatious and wasteful expenditure in socio-religious events.
15. Stopped wasteful expenditure in business travels, unnecessary holidays and vacations, and brought in use of technology through videoconferencing, and innovative staycations.

After due consideration: 
*Covid19 Coronavirus is promoted to next higher level with a mutant version.*

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