Tuesday, August 1

Sense of Duty or Responsibility

CEO of large company was talking to his management team about the sense of responsibility...

He asked a question... "Please tell me..., to spend my life with my wife is my duty or responsibility?"

Pin drop silence in the meeting... but after a few minutes, a young officer said... "Sir, it is your duty".

Why ? asked the CEO.

Wednesday, June 28

Her Diet Plan

Her tshirt says it all when people ask her about her diet plans!!

Saturday, June 24


The moment you would think that you hate the glass of beer!

Wednesday, June 21

Drunks Are Most Alert Persons

Drunk men are the most alert and diligently follow road rules while crossing roads. 
They are best security of a liquor bottle.

Sunday, June 18


Columbus, real name, Cristoforo Colombo, died in 1505 at the age of 55. He was such a monster that the king and queen of Spain refused to invite him to the kingdom after his voyage to the Americas because of how evil he was during his financed expedition. 
Word spread fast about how he and his men raped and tortured and murdered the indigenous people in the Caribbean islands. 
He became a pariah. 

Wednesday, May 3

Girls Proper Usage of Car

Girls really know to fully use a car and its features and accessories!

Latest Airlines Warning!

After a number of flyers urinating in flight seats and on co-passengers,
Airlines have to release and display Warning,  'Pissing is Prohibited'

Thursday, April 20

F*ck Off!

Keep f*cking off

Keep f*cking off until you get to a gate with a sign saying "You cant f*ck off past here"

An Apology from Hospital

Dear Sir,
We are pleased to inform you that the biopsy of the redness on your pen*s showed it was not cancerous 
It was lipstick.
We deeply regret the amputation.

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